In “La Bohème” opera by G. Puccini

Theater Koblenz, Koblenz, Germany


"With my colleague and friend bass Jongmin Lim in the role of *Colline*. *La Bohème* opera by G. Puccini, in which I had the pleasure of playing the role of *Rodolfo*.

Marco Antonio Rivera

Production team

Musical Director: Enrico Delamboye

Stage Director: Bettina Geyer

Set design and costumes: Fabian Lüdike, Carla Friedrich

Playwright: Anna Drechsler

Choir and Extrachorus and children's choir of the Rheinische Philharmonie

Orchester des Rheinische Philharmonie




Sara Rossi Daldoss


Marco Antonio Rivera


Christoph Plessers


Hanna Lee


La Bohème 2a

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